Do texts reveal Mackays Mood…

The alleged text and email exchanges between Malky Mackay and Ian Moody show a culture of racism, prejudice, homophobia and arrogance that I know to be the unfortunate true face of the state of top level professional football. So why should we care that two middle aged white men have what seems to be entrenched views of others who are different to them?

These texts show a way of talking, behaving and thinking that I don’t particularly like, but why should football care? We should care because this whole issue turns ugly when you realise how such views make people act. When you read the accusations of Ibrahim Farah (@ibby_farah) about a culture of racism at Cardiff City Football Club under Mackay, it starts to take a sinister turn. It is people in positions of power who affect peoples careers and futures. People who exclude others who don’t fit into their little pockets of comfort and small minded views of the world who are dangerous.

The truth is, nothing in the transcripts of those alleged exchanges surprised me. In my mind this is how football talks in private, and more importantly, it is how it behaves in public. This is the reality and the gravity of the situation anyone outside of the, male white, old boy network exists in. Is it any wonder that we have 92 Professional Football Clubs yet no BME ( Black and minority ethnic) managers? Is it any wonder that anybody out of the dominant demographic is woefully under represented at any decision making position within the game?

Many will leap to the defence of these two men. I am sure they gave regular playing time to one or two black players and probably had a few around for tea who may retain some loyalty to their “mates”. I am sure both are a riot down the pub on a Saturday night. But make no mistake, the game will be straining at the leash to find a way back for both Moody and Mackay when the brief public outcry simmers down. If they are struggling for work and play their cards right I’m sure there will be media work available to them. Without meaningful changes to the structure of our game from Boardrooms right the way down to grass roots, football will continue to be run in a manner akin to the dialogue alleged here. Away from the moral issues it is a proven fact that a diverse workforce is a more successful workforce, something which hasn’t registered with football away from the pitch ( where 30% of players are BME).  There are many more where Moody and Mackay came from. Unfortunately for them, they are just the ones who got caught.

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The League Managers Association statement attached illustrates the deep rooted problems of the governance of our game better than anything I could ever write: A must read!

Italy vs Costa Rica

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